Nabshi is a dynamic hub where visual arts in every form meet in the context of the city. Nabshi thrives to give an edge to the interdisciplinary perspectives in art, architecture and design, adopting a collaborative approach to publishing books as well as holding exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions and other cross-disciplinary events.

PASTOO: is a small corner in which special art products such as rare art books, that aren’t found in local bookstores, limited edition reproduction posters, and some other Nabshi productions are available for purchase. Pastoo is a place for reading and observation.

PELLEKAN: is a space in the main void of the building where a traditional spiral stairway joins the two upper stories of the building accompanied by extraordinary natural light. Pellekan is a place for encounter and observation.

PANĀHGĀH: is an underground shelter in the courtyard of the building, which used to be a safe place for the occupants and their neighbors during war time. Panāhgāh is a place for silence and observation.