Graphic design archive: Kargah namayeche Theater Workshop

Studio Kargah

Publisher: Salam Gallery

Price: 1,000,000 IRR

“Kargahe Namayeche” is one of the most important theater centers in Iranian art history which stream the leading artists in the bipolar art of decades In the 60’s and 70’s. The main theater art in these two decades The result of the rotation of two flows National art and Art is ahead. The most important center for artists With an approach to the idea “return to self” Looking to create an artistic nationality label National Art Group It was considered that Abbas Javanmard and Ali Nusirian were the first flagships.

The event features works from Edward Arshamian, Freidun Ave, Arbi Avanesian, Assurbanipal Babila, Bijan Saffari, Ardeshir Mohasses, Bijan Mofid, Abbas Nalbandian…. It has been exhibited.

This event is the sixth archive project of “Studio Kargah” and “Ali Bakhtiari” It is based on documents and works of Iranian graphic history. Also, this book is compiled and arranged “Aria Kasaei” and commentary by “Darius Kaiaras” has been released.