Bad and worse

Mohammad Ghazali

Publisher: Ab Anbar gallery

Price: 200,000 IRR

Strikingly, Mohammad Ghazali’s photography is the systematic undermining of all that is institutionally and traditionally prefigured and re-structured. In fact, in many ways, his photography is the end of dogma and the beginning of a renewed exploration of such concepts as the photographer, photograph, and the camera. So much of his focus is the de-creation of photography as we have known it. As exemplified in this essay, the various series of Bad and Worse (Bad-O-Badtar), From the Heads of the Renowned (Jaay Sar-e Khooban), Night Is (Ast Shab), Tehran Slightly Tilted to the Right which is also translated as Tehran a Little to the Right (Tehran Kami Maayel Be-Raast), and Red Ribbon (Rooban Ghermez) radically redefine the role of the artist, the aim, and the fate of Iranian photography, Ghazali’s works are a displacement of such long-established values as the author, art, and originality.