Margins the revolution in the wanderings of Kamran Shirdel

Kamran Shirdel

Publisher: Nabshi Center

Price: 3,500,000 IRR

Kamran Shirdel (b. 1939, Tehran, Iran) is a pioneering figure of the Iranian new cinema and the founder of Iran’s sociopolitical documentary school of filmmaking and best known for his movies: “The Night It Rained”, “Qal’ eh” [“The Women’s Quarter”], “Peykan”, and “Tehran Is the Capital of Iran”. He was born in 1939 in Tehran. In 1957, he started studying Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Rome, and in 1962 he became the first Iranian student to study Film Direction at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome, graduating in 1964 with a degree in Film and Television Directing. As a forerunner of the Iranian documentary cinema, and much like his mentor, Michelangelo Antonioni, Kamran Shirdel has always been presenting his own interpretation of reality in his commissioned and self-produced documentaries, challenging his audience to face a difficult question concerning the nature of an event. As the first Iranian filmmaker who has made use of photographs as inserts in his works, Shirdel has shot the photographs of “which was not commissioned by a specific broadcasting company or news agency-only as inserts for a documentary film. All of these photos were shot in his wanderings in Tehran during the days that led to the Iranian Revolution.