Spheres of Influence

Codes & conduct across structural landscapes

Publisher: Mohsen Gallery

Price: 500,000 IRR

The codes that form the basis of societies around the world have an inherent effect on social behavior in their various communities. While many practices related to (but not exclusive to) politics, economics or religion are publically codified, others, such as built environments or internalized systems of power, are unspoken yet conscious paradigms informed by a multitude of factors, including history and community. This show delves into aspects of this collective consciousness informed by such frameworks to contemplate social behavior and performance in countries throughout the Middle East.

This exhibition brings together artists who, through their work, reveal various nuances in the stability and fluidity of such contexts at specific historical junctures. Ultimately, such systems are also linked to cultural identity and are intrinsic in shaping ways in which peoples define one another.

Included in the exhibition will be worked by Wafaa Bilal, Arwa Al Neami, Ahmed Mater, Tarek Al-Ghoussein and Lamya Gargash.