One to nine Book – Drawings by Sara Abbasian 2015

Sara Abbasian

Publisher: Mohsen Gallery

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Looking at Sara Abbasian’s body of work, one cannot help feeling that one is witnessing documentation by an alien from the future who is examining with fascination and curiosity daily familiar objects. (the iron, the tap, the bicycle, a table setting, etc…) What heightens this feeling is the magnification and the registration numbers always present in her large paintings, smaller drawings, and ever smaller sculptures and the total lack of color. Abbasian prefers to install her exhibition in Non-gallery spaces. It is always refreshing to see a work that reminds you of no other work but creates an atmosphere of mystery and discovery and makes one an accomplice in a re-discovery process of the ordinary. (Ferydoun Ave – 2009)

Book Specification:


Format: Paperback

Size: 26.5 x 21 cm

Writing paper

Extent: 160 pp

Published in: 2015