100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

Steven Heller and Véronique Vienne

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

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100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design is an incredible survey of the moments and movements that revolutionized design history.
This accessible book demonstrates how key ideas influenced and defined graphic design. Lavishly illustrated, it is both a great source of inspiration for practitioners and a provocative record of some of the best examples of graphic design from the last hundred years. The entries, arranged broadly in chronological order, range from technical (overprinting, rub-on designs, split fountain); to stylistic (swashes on caps, loud typography, and white space); to objects (dust jackets, design handbooks); and methods (paper cut-outs, pixelation). Together these innovations show the fascinating evolution of graphic design over time.

Book Specification:

Format: Paperback

Size: 21 x 16 cm

Extent: 216 pp

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