Andy Warhol: The Complete commissioned Posters 1964-1987

Paul Marechal

Publisher: Prestel Publishing

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Throughout his career, Andy Warhol easily crossed the boundaries between fine art and graphic design; in fact, he made no distinction between art and advertising. Posters were a natural medium for this talented artist, and he was much in demand to promote some of the most renowned celebrities, causes, and brands of his time. This richly illustrated book catalogs all of Warhol’s posters commissioned for a specific purpose and features original artwork. Arranged chronologically, they present a fascinating array of subjects, including cultural events, musicians, political campaigns, and iconic brands. Each of the posters is exquisitely reproduced, including some with multiple variations, and accompanied by informative texts and comparative illustrations. The author’s introductory essay offers a brief history of poster art and contextualizes Warhol’s output against masters of the form such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Keith Haring. Seen in their entirety, these posters – bearing all the hallmarks of the artist’s finest work – both reflect and reveal the cultural zeitgeist that drove Warhol’s innovative practice.

Book Specification:

Format: Hardcover

Size: x 25 cm

Extent: 176 pp

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