Balancing Chaos and Beauty

Ali Nassir

Publisher: 009821 Project

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A Conversation Between Amir Soghrati & Ali Nassir

Nassir is an artist who values the culture of his country, which becomes more important for him with the passage of time. This is why the colors are rooted in Iran. In an aesthetic maturity that is based on Iranian aesthetics. The effect of the brilliant colors in the paintings and the vertical organization of subjects in Nassir’s work become surprisingly clear in a direct comparison. Despite this, it is the history of western art that provides him with the substance of his work. It continuously poses questions and challenges to him and provides him with artistic subject matters. It is thus that in the hidden layers of these mysterious pieces, with their amazing, unique colors where objects shine like gems, he searches for the deepest meanings of humanity.

Book Specification:


Format: Hardcover

Size: 23.4 x 16.7 cm

Extent: 135 pp

Published in: 2017