By An Eye-Witness (Hardcover)

Azadeh Akhlaghi

Publisher: Mohsen Gallery

Price: 2,500,000 IRR

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Is it possible that a moment of time becomes so tumultuous and critical that breaks the linearity of time, and lobs the dwellers of the moment over the past to another historical moment? Is it possible that we come upon a radical opening in the course of the history, a crack in which we see the spirits of the past, the people who fought and died tragically for the cause that we believe in, and walk with them along the streets of our contemporary cities? Is it viable that a human being, doomed to the present time, takes the spirits of his precursors out of the massive ruin of history, call them on to the present, and relishes their precious support? How about the opposite way? Is this extraordinary moment a new possibility to move on for us? Is it possible that we, in the heat of the moment, manage to detach from the triviality of our everyday life and travel back through history? A journey backward, not through memory or mind or analysis or reading or writing, but through our very flesh and blood, which seems profoundly attached to the moment? The point of departure of this project derives from the shock – a collective shock – of the present, rather than a historical preoccupation and is a meditation on those possibilities. Perhaps what I bring to the fore is nothing but utopic daydreaming, one of those candid optimistic moments that come around during abrupt social cracks and collective hopes. This is perhaps imagining simultaneity of us and the dead we admire in an essentially different time, the time that has not come yet.

Book Specification:


Hard Cover

Size: 29 x 43

Coated paper

60 pages

Published in: 2013