Corrupted Files

Aria Tabande poor

Publisher: Mohsen Gallery

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This book contains a series of photographs that are manipulated by a data editing software; their main resemblance is because of this technique. Once I was with a friend, we came across a number of corrupted digital files, it crossed my mind that what would happen to my photographs in the future in which most of my memories lie. All those days, months, years … What matters the most to me is the filled-with-object space whose human figures are edited out and as a result, it has turned into a human-free place, reminiscent of those to be forgotten in a little while. The pictures looked like a profound source of my own account, for that reason I published them accompanied by my notes. I had written the notes on my mobile phone when I did not have access to pen and paper and I was doubtful if they were secure. However, those texts became more ineradicable over the years, The reason that my notebooks and papers were relocated from one closet to another, but the note on my phone was always with me. Other people’s texts are not used identically, my dealing with these writings was as photos to be retaken and their presence here was because of their likeness to my notes.

Book Specification:


Format: Paperback

Size: 7.5 x 9 cm

Extent: 365 pp

Published in: 2017