Interpretation of Visual Arts Across Societies and Political Culture

Mika Markus Merviö

Publisher: IGI Global

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It is thought that every work of art possesses multiple interpretations, depending on each viewer. Analyzing personal assessments of artwork can help enable us to gain an understanding of one another, as well as broaden our own opinions and views.

Interpretation of Visual Arts Across Societies and Political Culture: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a detailed reference source that breaks down the ways art can be evaluated and addresses how this type of analysis can influence an array of social groups and regions. Highlighting relevant topics such as artistic impression, modern art, culture wars, and freedom of expression, this publication is an ideal resource for artists, academics, students, and researchers that are interested in expanding their knowledge of the arts.

Book Specification:

Format: Hardcover

Size: 25.5 x 18 cm

Extent: 110 pp

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