Oriental Carpet Design: A Guide to Traditional Motifs, Patterns and Symbols

P. R. J. Ford

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

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“One of the most useful books to cover the whole of the field…Mr. Ford is to be congratulated on having produced a work that should stand the test of time.”―Carpet Review Weekly

In this comprehensive survey, P. R. J. Ford shows readers how to recognize the different structural and design features of oriental rugs and carpets. The designs are grouped according to their essential characteristics. This approach illuminates the cultural background of each, revealing at once the similarities and the differences between the various carpet-weaving areas

Illustrations of modern types, with descriptions of their key characteristics―construction, materials, sizes, colors―and of the clues that establish a rug’s precise origins, appear together with a balanced appraisal of the qualities of modern production from towns, villages, and tribal areas. Extensive cross-referencing and detailed indexes make this an invaluable reference guide for dealers and collectors, and for anyone who has an appreciation of and interest in rugs.

Book Specification:

Format: Paperback

Size: 32 x 24 cm

Extent: 352 pp

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