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Reza Abedini

Publisher: 009821 Projects

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A Conversation Between Dariyush Kiaras & Reza Abedini

His strengths have resulted in important achievements in contemporary Iranian graphic design. For him graphic design is more than the communication or description of a concept; it is a subject onto itself. He and his students and collaborators appeared at a time when graphic design in Tehran was in a state of stupor. Reza Abedini’s attempts at reintroducing lost Iranian arts to contemporary Iranians is along the lines of theoreticians who seek to advance Eastern concepts through the correct understanding of Western thought; this is why one can find traces of Dariush Shayegan and Ahmad Fardid in his ideas. Many of his experiences can be categorized as Asian in contrast to the West. As such, more than representing an Iranian artist in the realm of international graphic design, he is an accurate representation of Asia.

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Format: Hardcover

Size: 23.4 x 16.7 cm

Extent: 135 pp

Published in: 2018