Roudaki Hall Graphic Design, Architecture and Everything [1967-1979]

Nabshi Center and StudioKargah Archival Project

Publisher: Nabshi Center

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Adopting a collaborative approach to presenting and exhibiting visual arts, Nabshi Center is aimed at encouraging and enhancing the cross-disciplinary dialogs and interactions through publishing books about visual arts, architecture and design. The books are intended to focus on a project, a condition or a subject and they sometimes search within the world of an influential figure through their work. The first book published by Nabshi Center is about the history of Roudaki Hall (known as Vahdat Hall today) as a cultural foundation (and later as a symbol). The hall is the epitome of the government’s desire for development and establishment of an infrastructure/ structure running art and cultural programs in the heart of Tehran; the symbol of development in the contemporary Iran. The critical study of the hall’s history in the prevailing condition that the private sector is seeking solutions for developing and stabilizing the art and cultural businesses might open new horizons. Publication of the book is timed to coincide with “Roudaki Hall: Graphic Design, Architecture and Everything 1967-1979” exhibition held in Nabshi Center in Aug 2018.

Book Specification:


Format: Hardcover

Size: 34.4 x 22.1 cm

Writing paper

Extent: 424 pp

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