Shahla hosseini

Shahla Hosseini

Publisher: O Gallery

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Shahla Hosseini was born in 1954 in Tehran. She began her academic education in art by registering at Behzad Institute of Art and then continued on at Tehran University of Art.

Hosseini’s work is to play with the functional regularities of objects. Therefore, they are of game-like installations that are self-explanatory. The rules and regularities of games are not necessarily the same symbolic doctrines as those in life and any combined allusions of nature are simply a symbolic gesture. To observe from the perspective of natural time, humankind’s destiny and vast existence, renders any symbolic historical regulation devoid of We are transfixed in the face of visual signs that cannot become. The magic of these inscriptions, however, has been replaced by aesthetics and the aesthetics of these paintings refer to a beauty beyond our imagination.

Alireza Rezaei Aghdam

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Format: Hardcover

Size: 29 x 22 cm

Extent: 128 pp

Published in: 2015