Surrealism and Non-Western Art: A Family Resemblance

Christophe Flubacher

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

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A fascinating encounter: Spectacular works by the Surrealists in a dialogue with non-European tribal art
The Surrealists sought points of reference for the new artistic universe they wanted to create and found them in the cult objects of indigenous peoples, which at the time had not yet been fully explored as works of art. Authentic, inspired by dreams, with a mystical power of expression and magic potential—the Surrealist artists recognized an attitude related to the imaginary in the fantastic objects from Amazonia, Oceania, and Africa; in Indian and Inuit sculptures; or in pre-Columbian finds and made use of them for their own creativity.
The multifaceted publication places spectacular indigenous objects and unique works by around fifty Surrealists in a dialogue and also inquires into how the perception of ethnic art has evolved over recent decades. In her essay, Ingrid Beytrison Comina highlights the importance that André Breton’s extensive ethnological collection in his studio had for the Surrealists.

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Format: Paperback

Size: 18 x 24 cm

Extent: 336 pp

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