Tadaex 2017

Mohsen Gallery

Publisher: Mohsen Gallery

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We live in an age governed and encompassed by digital tools and media. The ever-increasing achievement of modern individuals to improve the lives of human beings through digital, software-oriented procedures and methods have led to the enhancement of the quality of life, security, safety, welfare and communications. The results can be clearly observed in the changes in the lifestyle of people and governance of governments. Throughout these years, the contemporary arts have improved ways of expression and presentation in tandem with the development of digital technology and culture.

In this largely digitalized life, where love, culture and democracy are bartered based on digital media, digital art – with its interdisciplinary, interactive and contemporary capabilities – has found a unique chance for change in today’s modern world. This may be unprecedented in terms of magnitude and capacity when compared to other mediums that revived before.

Beyond the mere display of art, Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (TADAEX) is a place for digital perspective and the creation of a contemporary and flexible platform for exchanging views, culture and digital way of life among artists, art lovers and enthusiasts. This remains an invaluable chance in an age where violence, hegemony and poverty have left little chance for interaction, dialog and peaceful coexistence among contemporary human beings.