The sea suspended

Mohsen Gallery | Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art AND THE BARJEEL COLLECTION

Publisher: Mohsen Gallery | Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

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Contemporary art is based on the experience of modern art. The exhibition of the works of these prominent modern artists from Iran and across the Arab world, held in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, can pave the way for new researches, which can be a starting point for an academic, critical approach to the mutual cultural and artistic origins of Iran and the Arab world, and their shared traits. This show can be regarded as a watershed moment for contemporary art in the Middle East.

Through a careful exploration into the present experience, this approach makes use of the capacities and possibilities, in order to appreciate today’s convergences and divergences, so that we can embark upon new developments in the contemporary art of the region. Although the approach stems from a tumultuous history, it is defined in a context replete with cultural, historical, and geographical Similarities that promise a bright future.

In the spring of 2016, a show called “Spheres of Influence” was held by Mohsen Gallery with a similar vision, presenting an image of the contemporary art of the Arab world to the Persian audience for the first time in Iran. Now, trying to establish a connection between the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and the Barjeel Art Foundation as two important institutes in the region, Mohsen Gallery wants to play its part in creating a new opportunity for enrichment and the deepening of these relations.

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Format: Paperback

Size: 26 x 20 cm

Coated paper

Published in: 2015