Ceramics (pocket-sized)

Parviz Tanavoli

Publisher: Bon Gah

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Although my main work is in bronze and not in ceramics, since my youth | have been attracted to ceramics. At the time, ceramics were seen everywhere. Some were tiles and adorned the exteriors of shrines and mosques as well as the entrances of some of the bazaars. Others were handmade pots. My approach with ceramics was never continuous, but rather for short periods. One of these periods, which lasted longer than usual, was in 1989 when we emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. A few weeks later, by pure luck, I met a potter named (Josef Mihal). Josef is Hungarian/Canadian, and a delightful, kind man. We soon became good friends. Whenever I made some pieces, I brought them to him and he enthusiastically fired them for me. Working with clay has always been joyful for me.

Book Specification:


Format: Paperback

Size: 17.5 x 12.5 cm

Coated Paper

Extent: 112 pp